Why call us?

We work closely with our clients to positively influence key audience actions and behaviours through our:

Strategic healthcare marketing and brand
planning experience

Having been in our clients’ shoes (and still are at times with our interim services) we understand the healthcare environment from a marketing perspective, which means that the solutions we propose are objectives-driven, relevant, realistic and practical, every bit as much as they are creative and innovative.

Effective creative excellence

We don’t believe in ‘eye-catching’ or ‘impactful’, we believe in ‘compelling’ communications. Our concept development, design and copywriting skills are carefully directed to make the difference between seeing and doing. Noise without results doesn’t make for good value – our definition of a memorable campaign is one which drives audience behaviour.

Unrivalled attitude to service

We know that regardless of our heritage, creativity and track record, our reputation with our clients is only as good as our last job. Which is why we will bend over backwards to deliver on time and within budget. We’re also happy to work in a way which suits our clients, so we use internal processes to make us more efficient, not to dictate the project plan. We’re honest and straight talking – no smoke, no mirrors, just a great job.

Extensive experience of the opportunities and constraints

Our thorough understanding of healthcare advertising and promotion ‘rules’ means that we don’t waste our clients’ time or our own by presenting work which doesn’t already comply with them. From our own client-side experience and recent feedback from healthcare marketing professionals, it’s clear that erroneous ‘small’ details can cause the biggest frustrations, so we pay close attention and always make sure we ‘sweat the small stuff’.

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