What we do

Getting a message across is one thing, persuading people to do what you need them to is quite another…

In a commercial environment it stands to reason that there’s little point to communication if it doesn’t alter the outcome, whether that’s your customers prescribing more, your sales team achieving more or your brand’s influencers doing things differently than before.

Bedgebury deliver communication materials and programmes that will change or reinforce the right behaviours and actions to achieve your brand objectives.

A truly multi-channel healthcare agency

A truly multi-channel healthcare agency

  • iPad (we work in iOS, CQ5 and we are accredited VEEVA content partners and have our own sandbox and vault)
  • Mobile / smartphone
  • Web: public, HCP, password protected and intranet-based
  • Webcasts / webinars
  • Animations and video
  • Digital advertising and emails
  • Print

Bedgebury Communications are approved Data Controllers under the Data Protection Act

Advertising and promotional materials

Reach your target customers with meaningful brand messages

Bedgebury Communications produce creative, effective campaigns to deliver brand messages to customer groups, either directly or via field-based teams.

All the way through from concept conception to the fully-fledged, multi-faceted campaign, we work in close consultation with our clients to make sure that we comprehensively understand and then satisfy the campaign objectives. Bedgebury’s input can range from the great creative execution of pre-determined content, all the way up to strategic support, such as determining key brand messages, identifying the critical points of clinical data support or brand revitalisation advice.

We also have extensive experience of successfully adapting global product branding to create local campaigns, which are entirely relevant for affiliate markets.

Medical education and building KOL advocacy

Leverage access, build relationships and create a platform for brand key messages

Bedgebury Communications design and deliver educational programmes to lead healthcare professionals, patients and sales teams to the vital understanding required to meet the needs of our client’s brands. From Advisory Board meetings with SMART objectives to multi-media educational campaigns, from Patient Persistency programmes to healthcare professional ‘Task Force’ groups, we work to clearly mapped objectives to ensure that a lack of understanding never stands in the way of brand success.

In addition, our customer Educational Academies or one-off tailored sessions can help you to support your KOLs with meaningful professional development, building sound relationships with them. And if you’re not convinced you know enough about who your KOLs are, our KOL identification, mapping and validation services can help to clarify the target group that are likely to make the biggest difference to your brand.

Internal communications

Create an internal ‘Mexican Wave’ behind your brand!

Well planned and executed internal branding can lead to high levels of sales team alignment with Key Selling Messages, significantly impacting on results and motivation. We’re careful to design communications that are consistent with product strategy and the needs of the individuals and teams supporting your brand. We’re also mindful of the critical fine line between ‘fun’ and ‘effective’.

Helping to build brand from the inside out by:

  • Keeping conference messaging alive
  • Addressing specific message clarity issues
  • Maximising ‘Will To Succeed’
  • Building on existing level of skills
  • Increasing confidence to deliver brand key messages
  • Encouraging a culture of congratulation, recognition and award
Brand consultancy

Expert marketing support services to address specific issues or circumstances

On a project-by-project basis, Bedgebury Communications can provide input such as:

  • Launch planning and support
  • MHRA campaign pre-vetting services
  • Brand and market data analysis, marketing planning support and brand revitalisation
  • Interim marketing solutions
  • Internal research – on procedures, opinions and approaches that may be impacting on brand team success
  • Call us to discuss how we can help with your specific marketing needs.

The comprehensive programme of internal communication initiatives designed for us by Bedgebury have led to greater alignment behind our vision, helped us to retain focus on our goals and have also contributed to increased confidence amongst our sales team to really tackle the challenges we must face to succeed. These vehicles have helped us to more effectively deliver key messages, motivation and support to all and to strengthen our sense of team. I’m impressed by the imaginative, yet objectives-led, approach of Bedgebury, as well as their capability to deliver on time and on budget.

General Manager, UK Pharma Company

John provided the launch team with both sound advice & considerable practical support to the efficient pre-vetting of our campaign materials. With John’s help we were able to launch on the day that the license came through from the EMEA, as our core materials had been submitted, reviewed, amended, re-reviewed & approved all within 3 weeks.

Business Unit Manager

It has been fantastic. You have been an integral part of this launch team and added huge value through the process, to all of us. Thank you for all your work, your patience, your can-do attitude and your humour.

Head of Marketing, Top 10 Pharma

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