Steve Martin


Each of us at Bedgebury takes personal pride in what we do; we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

Knowing that you can totally rely on us to deliver it right and on time, whether it’s the creative, the data, the digital deployment, or just the delivery address, is what makes us one of the most liberating agencies you could work with.

We know from experience that working with an agency can sometimes be a bit like playing a game of Chinese whispers. A repeatedly misspelled word, an incorrect reference, the old logo, going back and forth to get it right… As well as being frustrating, seemingly small things can often have a devastating impact, especially when they land at just the wrong time.

For us, attitude really is the great divide. It’s the difference between “it’ll be fine” and “I’ll just triple check”. We also know that the deadline’s the deadline, not an ambition, and if you tell us it’s urgent we’ll pull out all the stops to make sure you get what you need on time.

If Agile is your preferred way of working, rest assured we are Agile trained, but if not we’ll happily flex our approach to work in the way that best suits you and your internal procedures. We use robust internal processes to make us more efficient and make sure the work is watertight, not to dictate your project plan.

And we also know that regardless of our heritage, creativity, expertise and track record for quality, our reputation with our clients is only ever as good as our last job, so we make sure it speaks for itself on everything we do.

One word says it all – obsession!

I have worked with the Bedgebury team for over 10 years now. They have supported myself and my teams in therapy areas including vaccines and rare diseases and I have found them to be truly outstanding partners. Whether it was leading a global strategy workshop for a launch brand or delivering tactics at affiliate level they have always come with fresh ideas built on grounded and validated insights and delivered what and when they said they would. The Bedgebury team have always gone above and beyond to ensure they understand what we are trying to achieve, showing commitment, reliability and a very high standard of work, which is why I love working with them!!

EU Commercial Head

I have had the pleasure of working with Bedgebury Communications since 2010. Initially the team worked on our established vaccine portfolios, with new innovative successful campaigns being developed. This lead onto Bedgebury taking on additional work on our new blockbuster vaccine product launches, leading the way in Europe. More recently Bedgebury have been instrumental in helping drive and develop a state of the art omnichannel campaign for our Established Medicines portfolio at a European and country level. Bedgebury are there at the beginning of any strategic discussion and always follow through to the operational end with credible and customer-focused staff that never say no and add true value to any project.

Vice President Commercial – Established Medicines

Bedgebury have been our agency for the last 6 years, supporting our therapy areas and associated brands. Bedgebury are involved in brand and content strategy development and create and deliver our tactical assets/content. In addition to supporting the global team delivery, Bedgebury work directly with each affiliate across Europe to localise and implement our marketing assets and digital content. They are reliable, proactive, identify solutions, help resolve issues. They are credible with internal stakeholders of all levels and have built effective relationships with my in-country colleagues across marketing, medical and digital. What has impressed me most is consistent delivery of a high quality over many years. I sense they care strongly about our business and success.

Regional Brand Director – Established Medicines