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If you’re considering a role in Med Comms, why not get in touch? Email with a current CV and a few details about what you’re looking for and why!

From new product launches in rare disease to Europe-wide public health awareness campaigns, you will be involved in delivering a huge range of initiatives across a number of different of channels, all designed to change thinking and influence audience behaviour. And in doing so you’ll be helping our clients meet their objectives for delivering life-changing, or even life-saving, healthcare solutions to those who need them.

You’ll be busy, challenged and stimulated.
You’ll be valued, recognised
and developed.

Our mindset is one of pulling together for a team win through genuine collaboration, making sure doors are always open and hierarchy is kept to a minimum. We are supportive, encouraging and nurturing, continually looking for ways to develop each of our team towards their next role or skill level.

Bedgebury has provided me with a wonderfully friendly environment in which to work, with a team who are dedicated to providing high quality and innovative results.

Fiona, Senior Account Executive

At Bedgebury you’re always learning, even after 5 years in the industry I’m being challenged and stimulated. I love the opportunity to develop and Bedgebury has given me the space to do this – it’s amazing to think I started as an Account Executive over 5 years ago!

Ed, Senior Account Director

As my first job since graduating from University, working at Bedgebury has been highly rewarding. The open and supportive environment has presented constant opportunities for me to develop my skill set and take on new responsibilities, enabling me to grow both personally and professionally throughout my time here.

Jo, Account Manager

As a fresh-faced graduate in 2013, I never would have believed I’d be in the position I am today – continuing to work with some of the brightest, nicest and most talented people, for a company who challenges, supports, truly cares for, and appreciates everything I do.

Gen, Group Account Director

Joining Bedgebury was the best decision I’ve made in my career. It provided the two things that matter most to me – the people and the creativity.

This team is dedicated, diverse and dynamic. The work is inspiring and innovative, and most importantly, rewarding.

Paul, Digital Designer

We also do all we can to support the work-life balance of our team.

Hybrid working, working from home at least two days of the week.

You will not be contacted out of hours, expected to check emails while on holiday, or be otherwise available in the time that’s supposed to be yours.

Competitive salary and benefits package.

If you cycle to work, we’re also part of the Cycle to Work Scheme.

A lovely bright working environment in a beautiful setting with some wonderful outdoor spaces to explore. There are also onsite shower facilities for those who like to run, cycle or work out during their working day.

Regular social outings and team events in the office.

We can’t wait to meet you!